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Women empowering Women

Last April, I presented Delica Winds to some of the most determined and supportive women I've ever met.  One by one, we shared our 7 minute business pitch to mentors, friends, family and each other.  This was graduation, celebration, and another step on our journeys of entrepreneurship.

It was the last day of our Women Venture classes - a program designed to instruct and support female entrepreneurs in Minnesota.  We met twice a week for 10 weeks to learn how to launch sustainable, profitable businesses.  Some of us came in with businesses already bringing in revenue, others were ready to pursue a dream and do just that; we all left with a greater understanding of what it takes to be successful. 

In those ten weeks, each one of us was challenged to write a business plan and prepare a pitch so we would know how to present our businesses.  Each session had a topic that grew from tried and true small-business research. Each was taught by volunteer instructors who were experts in their field.  Women Venture is a fantastic resource, backed by the U.S. Small Business Association, and offers mentorships, loans and access to expert advice. 

Personally, this course gave me confidence to move forward with a business-mind, not just in the creative avenues I love about Delica Winds.  My mentor helped me navigate the intimidating financial questions that have always lurked in the background.  Since I wrote my plan, I've followed it as best I can and know how to adjust it when I need to. The course helped me develop a wise mind for business, which doesn't completely come naturally to me (or any entrepreneur, I'm sure). 

The best past of women venture is that it didn't stop after graduation! A few of my socially-organized classmates recognized that we feel more empowered together than on our own.  Once a month we've been getting together to share our successes and "failures".  Last week, our classmate and creative-consultant Wendy C. Morris led us in a guided visualization activity designed to keep us motivated on our goals. Those reminders are hard to come by during the day to day duties of launching a business.  As if the night couldn't have gotten any better, Jonica let us give feedback on new fudges for her growing business making silky fudges, Sjokolade Shoppe. OMG, its so good, its going to set the bar for fudges everywhere! 

We get together because we've grown together.  We all know that small businesses have a high failure rate, so we encourage each other to get through the slog and keep the faith.  This is my tribe; each is a warrior in her respective field.   So, thanks ladies, for being my cheerleaders and first customers! I look forward to seeing you all rise and I'm proud we can do it together! 

If you are a female starting a business in MN, I highly recommend Women Venture >> 


If you have a sweet tooth, get ready to raise your bar on fudge >> 


If you are in a stressed-out corporate environment, try restorative yoga >> 


If you like dramatically different iron artwork >> 


And if you want to be the first of your friends to wear cool eyewear accessories, keep Delica Winds open on your browser! 

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