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Why wear an eyewear accessory?

You might be wondering - why should I connect an accessory to my glasses? I’ve needed corrective lenses since I was a little kid and I used to think that glasses problems were inevitable. From buying the frames to losing them, being an eyewear-wearer can be stressful. But since adding Delica Winds to my wardrobe, I've found that wearing glasses is easier, more fun and even found new brand uses for my frames. Here are a few of the top ways that Delica Winds has changed my outlook on wearing glasses:


Reason #1: Eyewear accessories hold on to your frames so you don’t have to

Whether it's for reading, distance, computer screens or sunlight, lenses are just so helpful for viewing the world. Most of us need them but it’s not something you wear 24/7! The trouble is, when you aren't wearing your glasses, its so hard to find your glasses. People just get used to losing frames! They buy lots of cheap reading glasses or sunglasses because they think they will lose them, and then the house is a mess and you still cant find your glasses!

Delica Winds accessories stay connected to your glasses when you don't need to worry about where they are! The patented rubber figure 8 secures on the temples (or 'arms'). When you’re done wearing them, you drop the frame down to your cheat. And they don't swing all loosey-goosey like a chain, its more comfortable and safe to have frames close by.

Eyewear accessory perfect for reading glasses
The Band is a perfect way to drop your readers down when you aren't reading


Reason #2: Eyewear accessories let you switch up your optical style in a second

As an optician in one of the largest optical shoppes in the country, I understand being overwhelmed by frame choices. A classic shopping dilemma ensues: "Should I get something fun or something I can match with everything"? Bright and colorful glasses can feel like a huge commitment when you imagine wearing them everyday. But we all want to be bold sometimes!

There is absolutely no shame in going with the "safe choice" of tortoise or black glasses! With Delica Winds, you can transform your frames into any fashion statement you want, any time or day. Your classic looking, daily pair of glasses doesn't have to feel monotonous. You can spice it up with a cheetah print Scarf or find a Band to match perfectly (or power-clash if you’re into that)! Delica Winds interchanges so quickly and easily that it will allow you to define your eyewear style without making a huge commitment.

Eyewear accessory makes a fashion statement
The Scarves are all made with unique, lightweight fabrics in a huge range of patterns and colors. Be whoever you want to be, without changing our your glasses!


Reason #3: Eyewear accessories protect you from the elements

Eyewear is only good for our eyes.... or so we thought. For centuries, people have worn glasses, hats, and scarves separately for different reasons. So, why does Delica Winds insist on combining them? Because, these accessories on their own have major flaws that can render them useless. Sun hats fly off in the wind, caps don't cover your ears or neck, scarves aren’t made to also keep your ears warm. Meanwhile, your glasses are staying in place just doing one job! Sometimes, even weather-specific accessories aren't very useful.

Imagine sailing in high winds, your hair flowing behind you, sunglasses on, and face shaded by a sunhat-style Brim that isn't going anywhere. Or hiking in the hot sun and having a Cape, the sweat-wicking material keeping your ears shaded and your neck cool. Now think about winter (sorry) and how warm you will be when your Scarf is covering the top of your head, your ears and neck all at once. Comfortable and useful, all it takes is teamwork! By connecting Delica Winds to your glasses, you are able to utilize accessories in entirely new ways and feel comfortable no matter what the weather throws at you.

Cape eyewear accessory protects you from sunburn
The Cape is the first accessory protect your ears and neck with sweat-wicking, UV proof material that pulls up the temples on your glasses. Connect it to your sunglasses, top it off with any baseball cap and you have yourself a perfect sun-burn-proof summer outfit.


Buying eyewear is a big investment - its your money, your vision and literally the first thing people see when they look at your face. The best part of eyewear is that it is both useful and stylish. This duality is what makes wearing glasses so beautiful!

You can expect eyewear accessories to change your view on glasses. Delica Winds connects to any frame to make them more fashionable, comfortable and accessible. I hope you enjoy finding out how adding an accessory can revolutionize your relationship with you glasses!

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