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Delica Winds 2021

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The story continues.

But of course, this isn’t just a brand story. This is heart and soul as a founder. Delica Winds Alternative Eyewear and Accessories is getting new life; only by stepping back and living my own. In the past, I’ve called myself an entrepreneur, designer, idea-maker, mover and shaker, salesperson, fashionista, advocate and founder. Truth is, I am just a person in love with the idea of creating sensory-inspired eyewear.

It’s been a minute, so let’s skip to the present. I work as a behavioral practitioner at Fraser special-abilities clinic in Minneapolis. I spend my days one-on-one with a few different 5-year olds who have significant autism. Our work helps build their ability to follow directions, communicate and manage their own behavior. So much of their experience and behaviors stem from heightened sensory input. All of the kids I work with respond positively to squeezes on their heads and fidget tools.

I want to use this blog to describe ABA therapy and help process what I am learning as a behavior practitioner. DW was initially designed to assist people with autism to wear glasses. I want to explain why and how alternative eyewear and accessories can help people with sensory processing disorders. Just like the behavioral training we provide, DW can improve their lives by providing the structure of sensory input. Equally important, many people are averse to wearing prescription eyewear and these products make that experience more enjoyable, allowing countless people access of the obvious benefits of clear vision.

This blog will elaborate on why and how DW works. I have spent 4 years thinking about it; this helped me develop the potential of Delica Winds. On the flip side, overthinking makes it difficult to explain the business in a precise pitch. Writing will help me sort out the details and find the themes that will hook investors and buyers. I have the opportunity to do that by actively developing the idea through this blog.

What is the future of Delica Winds? I’ll put back on my ‘founder’ hat at some point, but at present, I need to work on myself. Honestly, it will not let go of me and I am thankful to have the responsibility of bringing it to fruition. By working directly with kids who have sensory needs, I go back to my original purpose of creating DW. That is what will propel the Delica Winds story forward.

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