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The Minnesota Sew-Op

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I am excited to announce we are working with the Minnesota Sew-Op to create the entire collection! 

The Minnesota Sew-Op is a collective of creators in the apparel industry who have experienced production management from start to finish.  With their help, I can source material, prototype new designs, and begin large-scale production all in the same place. 

My entrepreneurial journey has been so far has all been gut-instinct.  This is the first time I am 100% confident about the production side - not only because it feels so right, because I've looked into all the alternatives. 

 I spoke with manufacturing all over the country, toured local apparel design factories and contract sewing.  For a time, I was hiring individual sewers to help me create.  It was worth it because I was making progress, but none of these options felt right.  I have to be very involved because this isn't a standard kind of product and I can't give explicit directions when I'm not sure how exactly to make it.  Since there is no minimum quantity, I can bring small amounts of fabrics to test out what will work.  You can imagine my relief: I don't have to place a 500 piece order and have it all sitting in storage if it doesn't sell!! 

Here is a snapshot of our last meeting.  It tells of the serious expertise paired with a natural chill vibe that comes from the Sew-Op team.  I brought out strips of fabric and arranged them on the table with jewelry clasps and my figure 8 pieces.  I know what I want it to look like but I don't know the best way to make that all stay together - fabric glue?  But now that I'm working with this expert team, I have no glue, no worries.  They started calling out ideas and soon everyone was nodding in agreement.  Right after the meeting, I got a string of emails reminding me what we talked about and what I can do next.  They check in with me every time they come across a problem or want clarity.  I am so thankful I found a community of sewers that are making Delica Winds happen and letting me be hands-on, without having to keep my hands-on a sewing machine all the time. 

I've had such a good experience so far at The Minnesota Sew-Op! If you are local and interested in starting an apparel company, check it out!  


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