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Suns out, buns out! 3 reasons why connecting a Brim to glasses beats wearing a hat

One of the best parts of living in the Midwest is watching people lose their minds on the first warm and sunny day of the year. People walk around the city with huge smiles asking if any rooftop patios are open for brunch. Sure, its only March, and we'll probably get another snowstorm before the season is up. But there is something so uplifting to put on sunglasses instead of a coat. This year, you can have even more fun in the sun by adding a Brim!

Welcome to your accessory collection: the Eyewear Brim! It protects you from the sun without all the downsides of a hat and looks adorable! The best way to enhance any sunshiney day is to add a Brim to your glasses.

The Brim is the material of a sun hat with a few major differences. Here is what makes the Brim stand out from all other hats:

1.. The Brim connects to glasses with small rubber loops sewn in the sides.

You never again have to worry about your hat flying off in the wind! The Brim stays securely on your head even in a speedboat because the loops are specifically placed for comfort and secure wear.

2. The Brim is topless.

Sweaty hat hair is the worst! Regular hats make it hard to wear a ponytail or bun. Since this is a glasses accessory, it doesn't leave a red mark on on your forehead to stay on. So you can let your hair out the top and stay cool.

3. The Brim brings sunglasses and personal shade together in harmony.

Delica Winds eyewear accessories are designed to attach to glasses instead of compete for headspace. In the past, people had to choose between shade or sunglasses because squeezing a frame under a traditional hat can be awkward. Now the Brim makes that seamless sun protection easier than ever.

The Brim is like nothing you've seen in summers past. Traditional sun hats will blow off in the wind. Visors squeeze tight and leave a red mark on your forehead. Most hats are uncomfortable fitting around glasses. The Brim is a fashionable accessory for eyewear, which breaks the mold to keep you cool in the summer.

You can find the Brim on our Shop page in three base colors: white, tan and black. The fabrics that rim the each top is hand selected and sewn in Minneapolis. If you want more information on The Brim or think they would fit in a retail store near you, contact us.

Let the sunning begin with a Brim!

Glasses Brim stays connected to glasses in high wind
Snow on the ground, wind in the air, Brim on my glasses and sun on my hair!

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