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Shock yourself!

Its time to pull forward an idea that has been rattling around in the back of your mind recently. It might be a loose structure for a screenplay, a vision for a restaurant with all your favorite foods, or a melody for a song you've never heard. Everything humans have created was once a barely formed idea. Okay, got a thought in your head? Now do it.

Intimidated? I know how it feels when a big dream is out of reach. A million legitimate excuses will make themselves known right away. When I started designing alternative eyewear and accessories, I was well aware that I didn't know what I was doing. If I slowed down and really thought about it, the fear of failure would have stolen all the momentum before I could learn anything.

Acting on an idea without too much forethought sounds risky. But is it?

With the exception of illegal/dangerous activities, taking a risk to pursue an idea is the best way to jolt yourself into a better life. The phrase "the biggest risk of all is not taking risks" has been quoted by so many successful people that almost cliche, but it's true! Time keeps moving forward in our rapidly changing world and no one has the privilege of limitless opportunities. Everything involves risk... but you'll be shocked at how little risk matters when you let yourself fall in love and learn from your big idea.

The inspiration for Delica Winds eyewear and accessories has been developing for almost three years. I did not know then how much work I would have to do to get a basic understanding of the economics and science of eyewear fashion. I stayed focused on the idea and the step directly ahead of me. Often that meant web-searching the exact thing I needed to learn - starting with "how to start an eyewear business" back in 2017. It wasn't until last year that I officially wrote down a strategic business plan and developed the modern fabric glasses chains, headbands and hats that are our staple today.

There is always going to be much work ahead. So now is the time to take hold of your idea! Take the drive thats stirring within you and just act on it as the next steps unfold.

You got this! If you have questions or comments on how you are pursuing your idea, please leave a comment or head to our social media pages to share the inspiration!

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