• Hannah

(Perfect) Vision for 2020!

Happy New Decade!

Eye hope you raised your Glasses and had a Spectacleular New Years Eve!

Oh boy, here comes the 20/20 puns. Its just too easy when you're looking through rose-colored spectacles, to see how this year will be one of the best ones yet. I predict getting glasses will be on peoples' minds and they will get in to get their eyesight checked. We'll be seeing more unique and personalized glasses around town. It is a great year to bring something new to the optical-industry: a year for Delica Winds Eyewear Accessories to be seen.

We have plans over the next few months for how to realize the dream of combining fashion with function for eyeglass frames! As we continue to develop brand awareness, you'll find us online, craft shows and bringing the line into Optical and boutique shoppes. We recognize how much work this will take and realize the timeline isn't totally up to us. But we are resolute in our mission to help to make innovative eyewear accessories become in-style.

Thank you to every customer and friend of Delica Winds so far. Looking forward to much more in the coming year!

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