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Optician Essentials

Rosie is a fabulous artist and optician at The Spectacle Shoppe.

Wanted: Optician for dreamy Optometrist office

If you want this choice position

Have a cheery disposition

Big smile, that never fails,

Pay attention to details

You must be nice and must be friendly

Treat our patients very gently

Help them find a perfect eyewear

Maybe even more than one pair

Show their new glasses with enthuse 

Don't dispense them with loose screws

Tell them how wonderful they looked

With compliments, they will be hooked

Be confident and shine your knowledge 

When they open the door you acknowledge

Be happy and make them happy

Make them feel that they are lucky

Don't be frumpy, don't be grumpy

Don't be clumsy, don't be jumpy

If you enjoy your days and embrace

We promise, you'll be in a perfect place

-Rosie Toth 

Your Personaleyed Shopper 

The Spectacle Shoppe 

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