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Masks & Eyewear Accessories

As we know too well, the coronavirus is changing our lives and threatening the health of our community. It feels like everything - vacation plans and business plans alike - have been thrown into the air and hang out of our control. I want to send virtual hugs to all of you and hope you are staying safe!

I put Delica Winds on the back burner since the pandemic started creeping in. Eyewear accessories are definitely not essential business! This too shall pass and we'll keep creating, but right now there is something more important to wear on your head: a MASK!

Masks are the hottest new trend coming out of cities around the world. Admittedly, it is not the fashion we want, but masks are the fashion we need! Masks are recommended when we go into public areas so we can lower the chance of spreading the virus to our neighbors.

Wearing a mask is an opportunity to show care for each other.

If you wear it right, your mask can be a statement of your personal style!

Here in the Twin Cities, Carole Bruns Couture is making masks that highlight our community! She has over 2 dozen options of 100% cotton masks with a pouch to insert a filter. Carole is donating to organizations in need of masks and to small businesses that value their employees health and wages. I've been able to work remotely with Carole to connect her with placed to donate and connect with customers.

You can support her mission to get masks to Minnesota and beyond! Carole is able to donate and pay her team because people have been purchasing masks from her website.

Check it out >>>> www.carolebruns.com

Delica Winds is very important to me and the future of fashion will be more innovative, sustainable products like our glasses accessories!

But the health, safety and happiness of my family are more important. I am currently in quarantine with my sister's family to help take care of her two small children. I am incredibly grateful to have this supportive network around me.

The Spectacle Shoppe where I've been working full time had to let most of the staff go but they are working hard to get us back on the payroll with the PPP loan. At this time, it is so important to support the small businesses in your area whose owners and employees need your patronage

I hope we are made stronger by the efforts to change the systems and find peace during this difficult time. Take care of each other.

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