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Keep on Keepin' on

I am excited to jump back on the Delica Winds blog after a few months of keeping progress behind the scenes.  And where should I start?!! In the last three months of brand-building, I've made breakthroughs and faced roadblocks on what feels like a daily basis.  

In super-brief: completed Capes, graduated business course, chased down suppliers, cut the tops off dozens of hats, sewed like mad, ripped out what I sewed to make adjustments, asked my mom for help, displayed at The Spectacle Shoppe fashion show, made my first dollar (actually more than a dollar now), had a major photoshoot go wrong, connected with potential buyers, negotiated with my own bosses, watched my dad sell a Cape right off his head to a neighbor, almost got an intern, pivoted marketing plans, revised the business plan.... the list could go on, really.  I'm always three steps ahead and one behind, but moving forward. 

If I am up in the middle of the night, it is usually because I've thought of a temporarily-brilliant slogan, or drawing a new design, or remembering a pair of glasses in the Shoppe that would look amazing with a new Scarf.  Of course, I've also tossed and turned about complications out of my control: the production delays, unexpected costs, aloof photographers, bad weather ruining my promo shots, etc. I know well the feeling of too-excited-to-sleep juxtaposed with complete exhaustion.  For me, even this early in the game with a whole lot of sunk-cost, being an entrepreneur is absolutely worth it. 

Each morning, I recommit myself to "honor the idea" by working on some element of Delica Winds.  Then, I feel confident heading to my day job at The Spectacle Shoppe wearing one of the accessories that I've helped create.  If I am really stuck, I'll find another part to work on (those receipts can always be organized)! I split my to-do list into columns: DW business, DW design, and Everything Else. ​

The answers to my most frustrating brand-building conundrums always seem to be just one introduction away - a tipsy conversation at the bar, a forwarded email, or a customer at the Shoppe who nonchalantly gives me the advice I didn't even know I needed.  It has been close to two years since Delica Winds took hold of my creative space.  I've met amazing people who have helped me along the way; these angels have invested time and expertise where I lack it.  Delica Winds is created in large part with help from contracted work and soon I hope to hire someone who can fully commit to the mission (if you are reading this, contact me)! I look forward to growing a team because the future of these products have more potential than I can do justice alone.

So this is why I haven't blogged in a few months.  Overwhelm is also one of the reasons I'm not selling online quite yet.  In a lot of ways I am ready to get it all out there, but since the decisions I make now will fundamentally shape Delica Winds in the years to come, I am taking time.  The key elements missing from my business portfolio at the moment are already in the works. I am looking forward to sharing the fruits of all this behind-the-scenes work with you very soon. 

Until then, I'll be balancing persistence and patience.  I'll be getting free consultations with lawyers, calling around the city looking for the best prices, examining stitching for quality assurance and coercing my friends and family into taking pictures.  I'll get some good sleep in there too, I promise!

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