• Hannah

How to wear The Brim

A topless sunhat you can connect with.

1. The Brims come in tan, black or white and topped with different fun patterns. Find your favorite to connect to any pair of glasses.

2. Flip the Brim and the glasses upside down.

3. Slide each temple through the rubber loops on the underside of the Brim and fasten with the bead.

4. Flip the connected Brim/Frames back over and place on top of your head.

5. Your glasses will settle on your nose and the Brim settles on top of your head. The Brim is flexible so you are able to position the top to curve in or out.

6. The Brims are one-size-fit-all, and since our heads are all slightly different sizes, that means the Brim might wear different for you. Some people are able to wear the Brim securely without attaching it to their glasses at all. Others can slip it over their heads and wear like a collar (like I am in this video). We are each unique, so make the Brim your own!

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