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Reasons to wear Glasses Accessories

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

When people first learn about Delica Winds, they often ask me the most important question: WHY? Why connect these accessories to their eyewear? Why do I think stylish fabrics and optical essentials should go together?

The answer in two, all capital-letter words: FASHION and FUNCTION.

On the fashion side, this is first impressions we are talking about! Your frames are front and center; in short, your glasses are uniquely you. Accessories let you enhance your own style beyond just the eyewear your dawn in order to see. Most people only have one pair of glasses, but that daily pair won't get boring when you spice it up with a different accessory everyday!

You know how a pair of earrings or necklace can pull the whole look together? Delica Winds will do the same thing with beautiful, soft and silky fabrics. Take your style to the next level with a sunglass Scarf, an eyewear Band, a glasses Kerchief, or with the two new summertime staples, a Brim or a Cape.

Now for functionality. As much as we like to look good, we aren't all about image. Everything you wear should work for you. Each Delica Winds eyewear accessory has different practical purposes, so I'll just focus on the glasses Band (pictured above).

The eyewear headband is three in one:

1. Pushes hair back from your face

2. Keeps hair off your neck

3. Retains frames when not being worn.

The Eyewear Band secures on the furthest tip of your temples (otherwise known as "arms" or "bows") and the Band can be fashioned in front, on top, behind or down! Its all up to you (and it looks cute too)!

Delica Winds will be your glasses keeper. We take reading glasses and sunglasses on and off repeatedly throughout the day. We lose them. That sucks, and it doesn't have to be that way!

Eyeglasses are both useful and fashionable. As an optician, I know that if your glasses don't look good on you, you won't wear them, and then whats the point? Visa versa, if they don't make your vision any better, you can't show off how cute they are!

Now, hold all accessories to this standard!

Delica Winds strives to be both fashion-focused and useful in your daily life. We design accessories that you want to wear, not only because they create unique style, but because they work for you.

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