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Find your frames at The Spectacle Shoppe

Delica Winds depends on eyeglasses.  In order to get to that next level of fashion, you have to be able to see how good you look in glasses already.  And for that - you just need to find the right pair.   It is a big step to see yourself in new frames, so don't go it alone.  We can help!

I work with a team of opticians at the Spectacle Shoppe in the Twin Cities area.  We have thousands of frames to choose from and are constantly updating with new styles and brands.  The Spectacle Shoppe has one ofthe largest collection of vintage eyewear.  We sell never-used glasses that are actually from every era of eyewear fashion.   I love seeing a teenage girl put on some frames that were stylish for a 1950s businessman and completely reinvent that style.  I cannot imagine a better place to engage with the optical world and I am beyond blessed to call this my day job! 

More often than not, people come in without a clue where to start.  I think that is great!  Not knowing where to start in shopping for glasses is so freeing.   I will gather frames from all over the store that look like they will work and then it is trial and error.  I've learned a lot from my coworkers and now I can look at a customer to gather what size and shape will work for them.  It also comes down to their personality and lifestyle.   Sometimes people come in looking to completely reinvent themselves and we give them wildcards to try on.  Other times, a person will want their glasses to make no 'statement', and we find what will make them feel simply like themself.  

I know it can be intimidating to look yourself in the mirror with new frames.  In the words of one customer, "the whole architecture of my face changes".   Our customers know they can trust us because we're honest about what works and what doesn't... there are too many glasses in our Shoppe to settle for just okay!  We make it a fun experience because it should be!  There is no need for a dressing room and we can do a rapid-fire fashion show with duck-faces included.  I've seen people light up when they surprise themselves with how good they look.  In retail, there is nothing better than helping someone see their own beauty when they are nervous to start looking. 

I am really looking forward to seeing the Delica Winds display standing amongst the rows of frames at the Spectacle Shoppe.  It doesn't take up shelf space and it is never going to compete with eyewear, so it will be so fun to find an accessory to match. 

Glasses are the most fashionable medical device known to mankind.  Delica Winds only make them better.  Soon, when our customers hang around after finding their new glasses because they realize how fun it is to shop with us, they will be able to flip through the options of eyewear accessories offered by Delica Winds. 

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