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The future of fashion is here!


Portland, duh!

Delica Winds is headed to The City of Roses for a fashion event hailed as the most influential fashion show outside of NYC. We are exhibiting our accessories to the fashionistas and fashionistoes of this exciting city.

FashioNXT is a 5 night-long celebration of innovation and forward-thinking in fashion. Many designers and models make connections and get their start around this show. We think Delica Winds will fit right into the scene here.

I am joined in Portland by my best friend in the whole world, Clare Michalik, who has been living abroad for the last few years. She is the same friend that went to Shenzhen with me years ago when the idea for Delica Winds was still in its infancy. We will keep you updated together.

Our online shoppe will be closed while we are in Portland because we aren't at the home base of Minneapolis to fill orders. I apologize for the inconvenience, please contact me through our site if you would like more information on shopping online!

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