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Delica Winds connects to eyewear you already own.  No matter if you have a high prescription, sunglasses, reading glasses or you’re wearing plain lenses to look cool.  No matter if you’re wearing a vintage pair, an small brand, or the Ray Bans you’ve had since high school.   Delica Winds will never replace your favorite frames, we exist to enhance those frames with accessories. 

I originally set out to create an actual eyewear line with fabric.  I envisioned a product that would be soft around your head and still keep the lenses centered in front of your eyes.  The prototypes I created had to be tied around the back of my head and wouldn’t exactly stay on straight.  Over time I’ve learned that the classic structure, regardless of the lens shape, is standard across the industry for a reason! 

I was so convinced I could make fabric frames that I reached out to eyewear expert Thomas Woodman Choo to find out how it could be done.  He laughed off my idea of having a fabric frame, but he presented me an amazing opportunity to learn design.  

Thomas invited me to China to shadow the process of creating eyewear and be my partner in starting a new brand.  In his small factory, I saw how high-quality frames are cut out of sheets of acetate and hand-carved down to shape for lenses.  The launch didn’t go as planned, but I gained insight in the technical process of creating eyewear. 

Working with Thomas helped launch me into the field, but getting a job at The Spectacle Shoppe was where my eyewearducation really began. 

I couldn’t have found a better place to learn about the industry.   The owners have collected the largest selection of vintage frames in North America PLUS dozens of designers.  The Uptown Minneapolis shoppe has thousands of frames on the shelves and a constantly rotating inventory.  

I’ve stayed curious about how designers make their frames stand out while adhering to the necessary measurements.   Mere millimeters in a lens can completely change the look of that frame on someone’s face.  It is all in the tiny details: the placement of tortoise shading, the corner stripe, the keyhole bridge. 

As a sales optician, I get to help people choose the right shape, size and color for their face.  Its so fun to see people’s eyes light up when they put on a pair that really works on them.  It feels great when customers come back because they’ve been getting so many compliments and want a second pair so they can mix it up!  I love selling glasses because we have so many options to try on and it doesn’t require a dressing room! 

One thing I’ve realized is that I don’t want to make eyewear to compete in this market.   There are already thousands of eyewear brands and, despite adhering to the strict standard of fit, these frames are as diverse as the people who try them on.  There are so many beautiful frames out there already, so I’ve created Delica Winds to serve a different function to the eyewear world. 

glasses frame fabrics
Delica Winds Prototypes hanging from Acetate Frame Samples

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