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Dedication & Hard Work

For a while I wanted to be an MMA fighter.  Then, I got punched in the face.  Not for me. 

I gave up real quick because I didn't want to put in the effort,  It was an easy dream to have but not something I'd pursue because deep down I didn't care.  I felt ashamed at first for quitting, but I'll never forget the words scrawled in giant red letters on the cement walls of the gym : HARD WORK and DEDICATION.  

Now, that motto is coming to life.  Building Delica Winds is worth the work.  And I'm getting better at the entrepreneurial fight:  Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook!  Shout out to Gary Vaynerchuk for the sports reference (that is the title of his ultra-successful book on brand building).   

Dedication and hard work have grown together to define my mentality on creating my own career.  When I'm not directly working on product development or the business plan,  I subconsciously activate the dedication.  If I get a chance to talk about it, people can always tell how passionate I am and only sometimes recognize how scared I feel.   Even though I haven't made a cent on this idea, the fulfillment I feel when I go from fear to confidence at a new task is the best pay-off 

If you feel like all your skills (or the skills you want to develop) are not being tested at your job, start a business!  Okay, similar to imagining myself a fighter, it is obviously easier to dream then to do.  Still, it is the most success I've ever felt in my heart.  

Over the weekend I got the Delica Winds logo tattooed on my arm! Its my first tattoo and a huge commitment (that is dedication by another name that triggers more fear).  Now that I have the hard work/dedication pattern ingrained in my psyche and my skin, there is no turning back. 

This week I start a ten week business class at Womens' Venture.  I am nervous because it has been a long time since college... but I'm excited by the hard work ahead.  

Mayweather glasses brim
Floyd Mayweather has amazing glasses too - is that a BRIM?!

In writing this, I found out that the famous boxer Floyd Mayweather coined the motto "hard work, dedication".  He has 12 world titles and does everything he can to get better and what he does.  Mayweather motivates himself and the boxers he coaches with positive affirmations of determination and success.  "Hard work, dedication" is a chant that took off in boxing gyms around the world, like the one I went to in Colorado Springs for a few weeks. 

So thank you, Mayweather, and all the scary strong people I ditched in that gym.  Your motto keeps me focused on my real dream: Delica Winds. 

Listen to the undefeated boxer and professional chanter himself: 


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