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Connecting fabrics to frames: The Figure 8

Accessories and eyewear have long lived side-by-side in our wardrobes, but few of us have made the connection between them. Delica Winds is out to change that by introducing fashionable eyewear accessories that you can add on your everyday pair of glasses. Pulling your look together is all about making the connection!

Our eyewear accessories use a classic method method of connecting to glasses temples (also called arms or bows). We call it the Figure 8 method. Fabric is sewn on one side of a small rubber loop, synched in the middle by a bead, and the other side is open to slip on the end of the temple. The bead makes it easy to adjust where the fabric connects on the temple and secures in place. Delica Winds has a patent pending in the US for this method of using a classic figure 8 to revolutionize eyewear accessories.

If you do wear a classic glasses chain, rock on! Most people tend think the chains look out-of-fashion in an old-lady-librarian way. Even when they are stylish, chains can be burdensome with clunky metal. They are often too long and let frames swing dangerously low. Glasses chains are useful, and that’s why Delica Winds want to improve upon the connector figure 8 that makes chains work.

Our glasses accessories are personalized down to the very bead that makes it work. The last step in the process of hand making each accessory is to add a bead that matches color and mood. If you wear a Delica Winds, you care about your eyewear and your style, so we ensure a customized accessory down to the very last piece.

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