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Better than a headband - Ways to Wear The Eyewear Band!

As anyone with unruly bangs will tell you headbands can be a major lifesaver on a bad hair day. A simple strand of fabric can push your hair back, give it some extra volume and pull together an expert outfit in a second. Delica Winds is here to take the classic hair accessory to the next level! Make the connection between accessory and eyewear and you'll see how a typical old headband just can't compete.

The Band solves the biggest problem with classic headbands: instead of squeezing your head to stay on, it comfortably connects to your glasses. In the past, stiff and stretchy headbands alike needed to be tight on your noggin in order to stay in place. This can leave you with forehead lines and headaches - you are basically cutting off circulation to parts of your head!

Wearing one of our eyewear accessories like the Band gives you the style without the headache! It looks and acts like a headband but it is so, so much more. Just like the classic style, you can push your hair back or fluff it up.

The Band is even more adjustable than a typical headband because it has the ability of staying connected on the temples of glasses. You can tip the fabric towards your forehead or back on top, above your ears. Pull it further back and it stays put, still connected to your glasses. This is where fashion meets true function; your Band becomes an eyewear retainer.

Delica Winds is designed to hold onto your glasses no matter what. So when you drop the Band behind your neck you don't have to worry about it falling off. Rest assured, no matter what kind of eyewear you're wearing, the Band will hang tight. And If you have long hair, you can pull it over the Band to prop it off your neck!

Anytime you want to take your frames off, your eyewear accessory is there to protect it. Whether your going inside from the sunny outdoors or you're done using your readers, the soft material of the Band will retain your glasses around your neck

We are developing more ways to wear the Band based on how a variety of materials feel and affect different types of hair. Stay tuned to our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram as more styles emerge!

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