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Artist collaborate on eyewear band accessories

Portland-based artist Evelin Marsh and Delica Winds teamed up to turn her bold artwork into innovative fashionable eyewear accessories. These custom eyewear Bands are constructed from Evelin's own painting she turned into fabric. The Bands will top off her newest apparel exposition turning her art into outfits.

I met Evelin on the second night of FashioNXT and our connection was instantaneous. She was there with her sister to check out the newest designer collections and inspiration. They both lit up the room with positive energy as they enthusiastically tried on our eyewear accessory styles. As I learned more of her story, I realized that Evelin is more than interested in fashion, she is on a mission to create it.

Evelin discovered her artistic talents after moving to Portland from her native El Salvador. Without any formal training, she brings her natural inclination for beauty to create color and movement from a blank canvas. Her work is stunning.

Something besides just a love of art and fashion drew Evelin towards our Delica Winds booth. She was an Optometrist! She spent most of her career helping people wear corrective glasses. At FashioNXT, we connected not only about art, fashion and innovation, but our mutual love of eyewear! Glasses accessories combine all of these components and our collaboration was born!

Evelin came back the last night of FashioNXT with a fabric version of one of her favorite paintings. I promised to create eyewear headBands that capture the essence of her piece in apparel form. Yesterday I mailed Evelin her custom eyewear accessories, and I'm so excited for her to showcase them to the world!

I have so much respect for Evelin and her journey. She is a creative woman on a mission to grow a business in art and apparel. She found her passion after a major career change and moving across the world. Evelin has been a huge encouragement to me since we met in Portland and I think you will see more collaborations for optical accessories in the future!

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