How to Wear:


Hang fashion from your frame.

Slide your glasses temple through the figure 8 piece on the scarf. 

Pull gently on the fabric to adjust the scarf to your liking- loose enough to pull over your head or tightly around the back of your neck. 

Slide the figure 8 behind or in front of your ears and tighten the bead to secure - your choice of how to wear!  Throw the scarf over your neck or let it hang behind or in front. 

Now, look fabulous. 



Go topless this summer!

Put on the Brim by flipping it over and sliding your glasses temples through the figure 8 loop. 

Flip the Brim back over and place it on your head, making sure the glasses fit neatly on your ears like they normally would. 

Adjust the brim by sliding the figure 8 pieces up or down the temple and tightening the bead.  Pull on the sides of the Brim if you want it to curve another way

Now your face and neck are protected from the sun and the wind will never blow the Brim away!