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       Hello! My name is Hannah Widmer and I'm the founder of Delica Winds.  Glasses are extremely useful and the most fashionable medical device we have.  Delica Winds aims to make eyewear more comfortable, enjoyable and useful to wear. What started as an idea, turned into an adventure and became a passion of innovation in optical.  Here is the full story: 

Colorado Springs, Colorado -

Seeing the Need

       In January 2017, I set down my glasses and immediately lost them. That is a classic eyewear-wearer problem. But then I started noticing other ways people struggled with their glasses.  I was working as an advocate for people with special needs and many couldn't wear the prescription lenses because the sensory input from stiff frames is uncomfortable.  I wanted to find a way to make fashionable fabric eyewear so that more people could wear the glasses they need.  I'd never done anything like this before, but I put my prototypes online and reached out to real eyewear designers to see how it could be done. 

Shenzhen, China  -

An Eyewear Education

       Delica Wind's first big break came when I contact the author of an article titled "how to start an eyewear brand".  He saw potential in the idea and invited me to shadow him in his small factory in China to learn how to build a full product line.  I jumped on the offer and invited my best friend Clare to come with me to help launch the brand on an international level.  In July 2017, we set off on what can only be described as fashion-business-bootcamp.  We met some brilliant people in the industry and experienced China from a unique perspective with help from my mentor's family.  It was an eye opening experience and I was spooked. I realized that I didn't know how to be a designer or run a business.  In retrospect, Clare and I shared some hilarious moments of complete bafflement, but it was also deeply humbling to the point where I said I wanted to give up.  

Minneapolis, Minnesota -

Learning optics and accessories

       Immediately after returning to the U.S., I moved from Colorado to Minneapolis.  As much as I tried to let the idea go, Delica Winds was still lighting up in the back of my mind. I'm so thankful for the second breakthrough - the day I stopped feeling bad about what I didn't know and decided to learn. With my dream on the back burner, I walked into The Spectacle Shoppe and boldly asked if they had any openings. The Spectacle Shoppe is the finest eyewear store in the Twin Cities - between their three locations they have the largest amount of vintage and designer frames in North America. Amazingly, the owners had one position open for a budding optician, and I got the job. 

       Through the Spectacle Shoppe, I learned how to help people chose eyewear based on the shapes, sizes and small details. I began checking prescription lenses and working in the lab to edge them down into frames.  Everyday, I help customers mitigate their glasses problems and listen to what they need.  People have the habit of losing their frames (just like I did).  Glasses chains work to keep them close, but customers said they don't like the way that chains look and feel.  I realized by using the same rubber figure-8 loops that keep chains on, Delica Winds could make better accessories to keep any pair of glasses safe and stylish. 

       Thus began the second round of designing - this time with the optical knowledge.  I created a vision wall to inspire new prototypes, did a lot of research, and submitted a patent to the USPTO regarding Delica Winds designs.  I plugged into the local fashion community by becoming part of the Minnesota Sew Op, and the team there became the main source for production. 

       Each version of Delica Winds came as a eureka moment (and I had to let a lot other eureka-ideas go). My sunhat flew off in the wind so I cut the top off and connected that to my glasses (The Brim). I started running and looked for a material that would keep my neck cool in the sun to create The Cape. The Scarf, Band and Kerchief all came from fabrics gifted to me by friends.  Each style has gone through the wringer of design and redesign. I am so thankful my friends, family and coworkers here who support me personally and as a designer and entrepreneur. 

The Future of Delica Winds

       I am super excited to officially have Delica Winds styles for sale on the website and on social media (go follow us)!  There will always be ways to create new types of fashionable glasses retainers and we will work diligently at Delica Winds to make the finest accessories for your frames.  We will be putting the styles out there in shows and expos and by expanding our reach in the fashion and optical worlds.  Delica Winds is committed to creating innovative ways for more people to access eyewear through fashionable sensory experiences on their frames.  Thank you so much for being a part of this journey!  I hope you enjoy finding a Delica Winds accessory that fits your style.  

Kerchief green glasses 2.jpg